Columbia County
New York

2023 Columbia County Transportation Plan
Adopted by the Columbia County Board of Supervisors per Resolution #471-2023 (12.13.23)


The Columbia County Transportation Plan documents existing transportation services and notes that residents use these services to get to work, education, healthcare, recreation and shopping, and government services. Public transportation served over 30,000 riders in 2022. In addition to public transportation, government and non-government agencies provide critical point-to-point transportation for specific purposes, such as Healthcare Consortium’s medical dial-a-rides service. These non-public-transportation services provide over 40,000 trips per year.

The plan provides a detailed demographics analysis that helps inform transportation needs. The information includes geographic data on households without a vehicle, people with a disability, seniors, and population density. The plan also documents points of interest, including large employers, government services, medical facilities, multiple-unit housing, educational institutions, and recreation sites. 

The plan builds on the 2017 plan and evaluates progress on the action items from the 2017 plan. It also incorporates feedback from three public hearings held in 2023. 

The plan establishes a timeline and priority actions. These priorities are grouped into seven categories:

Using the plan as a guide, Columbia County and our partners will continue to serve residents and their transportation needs.